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sailing trimaran demountable trailerable

Trimaran Astus 18.2 - Sport version

Trimaran demountable trailerable Astus 18.2 Sport



The Astus trimaran telescopic floats:

trimaran Astus demountable and transportable

trimaran Astus demountable and transportable


trimaran demountable trailerable

Trimaran Astus18.2 - 2011 Novelty

Designed by Perspective Yacht Design

Trimaran demountable and trailerable for pure fun!

Deliveries all over the world by maritime container.

For USA: 1 departure per month, 28 days transit time.

Price from 11 622€

sailing trimaran demountable trailerable

Trimaran ASTUS 18.2 during its fist navigation (January 2011)

sailing trimaran demountable trailerable


Trimaran astus 18.2 Technical features

  • Overall lenght central hull: 5.49 m  ht: 6.60m
  • Float length: 4.95m
  • Max unfolded floats width: 3.85m
  • Folded floats width 2.50m (lower than the road gauge)
  • Displacement: 260 Kg
  • Float volume: 400 litres / float
  • Buoyancy volume: 300 litres (floats and central hull)
  • Draught:1.25 /0.20 m pivoting center-board and rudder
  • Sail area upwind: 17 m² (20 m² sport version)
  • Sail area downwind: 28 m²  (33 m² sport version)
  • Motorization max: 3kw (4 HP)
  • EC Homologation:
    • Category C: 4 persons
    • Category D: 5 persons
  • Design: Jean-Hubert POMMOIS
  • Architect: Perspective Yacht Design 

Trimaran Astus 18.2 is available for sale

We can organise the delivery everywhere in the world from the Fernch yard.

Trimaran Astus 18.2 Standard version is sold with:

• A mainsail, a reef and a jib in dacron on emmagasinor
• A front locker which can be locked
• A 4 bits hoist
• A mainsail pendant    

Price: 11 622€ (VAT and delivery not included)

Trimaran Astus 18.2 Sport version is sold with:

  • A mainsail and a jib in pentex on emmagasinor

  • A ball main traveller car 

  • A 6 bits hoist mainsail 

  • A cunningham 

  • A telescopic stick

  • sport stickers      

Price: 13 043€ (VAT and delivery not included)

Trimaran Astus18.2 Optional equipment:

Indicative Prices in Euro, VAT and delivery not included:

A 19 m² gennaker on bowsprit and emmagasinor            1 254 €
A 20m² asymmetrical spi and deck hardware (bowsprit)           1 171 €
 2 strong assets with lockers              819 €
Swim ladder              125 €
A ball main traveller car              410 €
Compas IRIS 101              142 €
Non braked road trailer for the launching to water           1 338 €
Spare wheel + Support              142 €
Armament safety kit 5th category less than 6 nautical miles (for 4 persons)              293 €
Kit anchor 5 kg                 67 €
Antifouling for the central hull and the floatings              376 €
color red for hull and floats              284 €


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Trimaran Astus 18.2: 100% for pleasure

Trimaran demountable trailerable
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The 18.2 Astus trimaran is very easy to assemble and to set for sail even for one person

On the water, the 18.2 Astus trimaran is easy to rig, fast and very stable: suitable for familly or friends sails

The Astus 18.2 trimaran is trailerable behind a standard familly car.

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